Are you looking for a genuine and high-quality shipping label printer? If yes, do not forget to check out the Arkscan 2054A review. We have penned down unbiased details, and hopefully, it will give you a clear picture of how this label printer is the most preferable to use. You can connect it with Windows, Mac, and Chromebook Linux.

All kinds of labels are printed, like shipping, product, and barcode labels. In addition, it takes hardly one minute to set up and shows multi-compatibility. It allows you to make customized labels that seem unique and eye-catchy selling point.

Using Arkscan 2054A, you will see that its operations will auto-analyze your label and print them in one click. Other labels generated by it are warehouse labels, food nutrition labels, and Amazon FBA labels. Below you can see more details about it.

Arkscan 2054A Review

Here is the ultimate review of Arkscan 2054a shipping label printer with detailed overview, features, specs, pros and cons.

Overview of Arkscan 2054A Shipping Label Printer

Using cheap shipping label printers always creates a lot of mess when producing product and barcode labels. But we have seen lots of latest models in the market, which has made the label printing process easier and speedier.

Here we like to review Arkscan 2054A shipping label printer and see which features make it an outstanding label printing machine. It functions on thermal technology, and its operations are smoother to run. Even if you want to print parcel shipping labels, you can use Arkscan 2054A. In addition, you can produce professional labels for USPS, UPS, DHL, FedEx, and others.

All in all, it prints on excellent and quality notes and tracks the barcode without making any errors. We suggest you have this printing machine because it remains BPA Free and Permanent-Adhesive. It assists you in making high-performance and quality adhesive labels that stick to all surfaces.

Key Specifications

Model name2054A
Compatible devicesPC and Laptops
Printer outputMonochrome
Connectivity technologyUSB
Printing technologyThermal
Sheet size4 x 6
Resolution203 x 203 DPI

Features of Arkscan 2054A

Arkscan 2054A is an excellent and high-quality shipping label printer that works like a rocket. No doubt, it is an exceptional multi-functional printer that allows you to print all kinds of labels with ease and perfection.

Versatile to use

Arkscan 2054A shipping label printer

Creating shipping labels, product, and barcode labels have become a piece of cake. Arkscan 2054A injects crystal-clear prints, and you will be impressed by its quality. It does not distort the labeling information, and all signs and labels are smoothly embossed on the respective paper.

Compatible with roll papers and fanfold papers

Arkscan 2054A can print the label with a minimum of 0.75 inches and a maximum of 4.25 inches in width. Alongside, the sheet should be a minimum of 0.4 inches and a maximum of 90 inches in length. You only have to insert the roll paper into the tray and get as many prints as you can.

All kinds of roll papers and fanfold papers are supported by Arkscan 2054A, which is its unique selling point. Rest, the printing speed reaches from up to 5 inches per second.

Includes free software for designing labels

Most importantly, the package includes free software for designing unique-looking labels. This one is a Bar-Tender and Ultra-Lite Label Designing Software that you can run on Windows. The usage of this software will give you lots of ideas on making eye-catchy and professional labels. It has multiple designs for making product labels, barcodes, and warehouse labels.

Thus, this thermal shipping label printer is packed with full design capabilities. You can emboss all kinds of text, images, and graphics barcodes in it. All in all, the Arkscan 2054A model has the most serializing capabilities that very few of the shipping label printers possess.

Real-time tech support

In case of any issues using this printer, you can get in touch with their real-time tech support. They are known for delivering 5-star tech support. You can forward your queries through phone, live chat, or accessing their support team during office hours. Simply speak your language, and your technical issue will be sorted out in less time.

High speed

High speed is offered from the side of Arkscan 2054A. Whether you have connected it through Windows, Apple Mac, maximum speed is ensured. Alongside, the highest printing speed is promised if you have connected it through Chromebook or MacBook.

Direct thermal technology

Another reason for its popularity is that it functions on direct thermal technology, and the hassle of refilling ink toner is completely eliminated if you invest in Arkscan 2054A. Lastly, it shows complete support to labels like Arkscan’s labels and Zebra compatible labels.

Arkscan 2054A

Arkscan 2054A


  • Suitable to print the shipping label, barcode label
  • Support roll paper
  • Customers get U.S.-based real-time and friendly tech support


  • It gets a little heat up


Which thermal printer is best for shipping labels?

You can have an Arkscan 2054a thermal shipping label printer, Brother QL-800 Label Printer, and ROLLO Label Printer. In addition, some like using BEST EASY Label Printer, DYMO 1755120, and Brother VC-500W.

How to set up Arkscan 2054a?

Setting up an Arkscan 2054A is simple to do. Get a power cable and attach one with the printer and the second one to the device. Once you plug the power cable into both of the devices, a light will flash, and that is an indication that your label printer is installed. You can print label in google docs with ease and convenience.

Is it cheaper to use shipping label printers?

Yes, shipping label printers are comparatively cheaper to use. They do not need ink and instead run on thermal technology. In addition, printing on rolls seems to be more cost-friendly than using sheets. The upfront cost while buying a label printer is huge, but its running cost is quite low in the long run!


After going through the details on the Arkscan 2054A review, you can share with us what you think about it. This one is a high-speed printer that produces a range of labels, including product, shipping, Amazon FBA, and barcode labels, with effortlessness. Stay tuned for more updates.