It gets useless to have the printer that does not show compatibility with a range of media paper type. In the current times, people only prefer to have the printing machine that able to work on both thick and thin density papers including cardstock. That is why here we have reviewed the top 10 high-quality picks that will help you choose the best printer for cardstock.

Such a paper is use for making business cards, postcards. It helps the person in making playing cards, catalog covers. These printing papers are also given the name of cover stock or pasteboard. It looks comparatively thicker as well as more durable than that of the normal writing paper or the printing paper.

Below you can check out the reviews that have become the suitable choices for card stock. In addition, these machines deliver the beautiful prints. They allow you use them anytime and anywhere because they are easy to carry and do not produce noise when turned on. You can go through their reviews to get more in-depth information about them.

Top 10 List of Best Printer for Cardstock

data-column=”Technology” class=”affiliate-col-ct2″>
  • Fine and premium print head technology
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  • Auto-Duplex
Canon Pixma iX6820 Business Printer

Canon Pixma iX6820 Business Printer

HP Pro 9015 Printer

HP Pro 9015 Printer

  • Auto-Duplex
Epson XP-15000 Wide-Format Printer

Epson XP-15000 Wide-Format Printer

  • Automatic duplex
Brother Wireless Inkjet Printer

Brother Wireless Inkjet Printer

  • Near field communications technology
Canon TS9521C Photo Printer

Canon TS9521C Photo Printer

HP Inkjet Printer

HP Inkjet Printer

  • Automatic duplex
Xerox Phaser Color Printer

Xerox Phaser Color Printer

  • Laser technology
Lexmark C3224dw Laser Printer

Lexmark C3224dw Laser Printer

  • Network-Ready
HP 8025e All-in-One Printer

HP 8025e All-in-One Printer

  • Auto-Duplex
Epson Expression XP-860

Epson Expression XP-860

  • For Creative Professionals

1. Canon Pixma iX6820 Business Printer

  • Editor’s Choice – Best Printer for Cardstock Printing

    Canon Pixma iX6820 Business Printer

Quite a few numbers of printers are there that able to print on the thickest of all papers including cardstock as well. Among the best choices, we have Canon Pixma iX6820 Business Printer for you. You all know that it is comparatively a thick printing paper and needs a durable and robust printing machine. That is why we have suggested you this Canon brand.

With the help of this paper, you can produce and develop business and wedding cards and even post cards. In addition, such a paper is used for producing and making playing cards and catalog covers as well as utilize for scrapbook. So, if your job is about performing all of these tasks, you should have the Canon printer for sure. It is of excellent quality and processes the operations in the ideal manner.

Besides, it shows extensive OS compatibility. You can make this machine work with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 and also systems like Windows 7, and too Windows 7 SP1. On the other hand, if you are using the operating system of Windows Vista SP1, or Vista SP2, this printer will remain compatible towards them. The best part is that it shows the Mac compatibility.

Along with that, it makes use of Air Print, and even these Pixma Printing Solutions. Gone are those days when the printers just used to emboss prints on the normal and thin papers. They can produce excellent prints on the thickest papers at the same time. The presence of ideal print head technology, inkjet nozzle engineering, high performance, and premium ink tank system and auto sheet feeder has made it an eye-catchy printer so far.

Note down that the auto sheet feeder can accommodate up to 150 sheets. All in all, the delivery of maximum print resolution has made it so much easy for the business owners to print the wedding and business and scrapbooks with perfection. Its whole construction looks larger than life and provides you with practical and versatile printing solutions.

The Canon brand has constantly made superior printers and the respective model is not less than its competitors and previous versions. Now, you will not see any hassle while using the cardstock or any complex printing paper because printers made by Canon will make your job easier.

It can even print on the 4” x 6” mailers and 11” x 17” spreadsheets. It tends to print on the 13” x 19” presentation charts. Thus, we are sure that you will be impressed by its result and quality. Its exceptional and the best printing details have pushed us to buy it. It makes sure to give out the amazing color range, streamline and synchronize your productivity.

If you think that your present printer has totally failed to emboss perfect crisp text on cardstocks, it means you have to stop using it anymore now and get hold of this recommendation. The whole system has been combined and infused with the latest FINE print head solution so that you get the beautiful and amazing borderless prints.


  • Maximum OS compatibility
  • Ideal print head technology
  • High performance


  • Expensive

2. HP Pro 9015 Printer

Printing on cardstocks has become a piece of cake. The old printer versions have failed miserably to emboss eye-catchy prints, text and graphics, images and pictures on thicker quality papers. But we have one amazing suggestion for you and it is this HP Pro 9015 Printer.

You might be aware of this point that cardstocks are generally used for developing wedding and business cards and for making post cards and catalog covers. For these tasks, you have to use one machine only and that is the HP printer. It upgrades your printing processes and that is the unique selling point of it.

In addition, it has replaced all of the old and outdated models and this seems to become the top choice among home owners and office going people. It able to print 22 pages in a single minute, that is so amazing. The automatic two-sided operations help you process the jobs like copying and scanning. In a single click, it will produce a bunch and bulk of business and wedding cards and eliminate all of the unwanted steps that take a lot of time.

This HP printer even gets sync to QuickBooks and Google Drive. With the help of Smart Tasks, you will be able to digitize as well as organize your business documents. We can say that such an amazing printing machine is here in front of you. It has simply revolutionized the printing job the way used to do back in the time of 1990s and 1980s.

The user is allowed to print remotely and it looks achievable with the help of HP Smart app. Through this app, you can conveniently access your printer, be able to monitor and keep an eye on the ink levels and copy, scan and print wherever you go!

On the other hand, the presence of feature like Self-healing Wi-fi makes this thing sure that you stay connected. It automatically detects the issues and keeps your Wi-Fi connection stable and 100% reliable. So, what are you thinking now? Do you feel like having the HP printer? You should get it because it tends to give classy and high-quality to you post cards, scrap books, business and wedding cards.

It does not stick and jams the cardstock and smoothly take out the prints. Besides, your sensitive data will remain protected in it. Features like that of offering basic encryption and password protection have made it a safer to use printing machine. It even offers Wi-Fi security, and extensive amount of document protection.

So, if you have always thought that it is not possible to get an all-in-one revolutionary looking and wireless printer, then you are wrong. Try this HP printing machine and forward your thanks later on.
It elevates your working processes productivity and gives you the most advanced scanning, copying and printing solutions. It even reduces interruptions, maintains control and makes you a confident working person while delivering the quality prints.


  • HP Smart app
  • Self-healing Wi-fi
  • Protect and guard your sensitive data


  • It just has one paper tray

3. Epson XP-15000 Wide-Format Printer

  • Ultra HD Quality Epson Printer for Cardstock

    Epson XP-15000 Wide-Format Printer

Epson XP-15000 Wide-Format Printer has been marked as one of the favorite picks as well from our experts’ side. The most important thing that you have to keep in mind is to use this printer with Epson cartridges and not with the third party cartridges. If you make the mistake of doing so, the quality of prints will not come out like the way you have desired and wished for!

However, it is one of the professional quality printers that we have suggested to you. It remains compatible with a range of printing papers and embosses smooth and perfect prints on the cardstock. If you want to get borderless prints on the cardstock, you can do that indeed with the help of this reviewed Epson printer.

Note that it prints up to 13 inches X 19 inches and gives out the most enhanced prints that you have not imagined so far. In addition, the sound pressure level given out by it is of 49 dB. It all means that you will not hear any noise as long as it is turned on. Noise-free operations are delivered by it and you can make it run for hours and hours without disturbing a single person sitting next to you.

Moreover, it has become an ideal choice for completing and processing professional projects. Developing wedding cards, poster cards, and business cards looks no longer an easy job. These tasks demand a lot of precision and high-quality printers. For the reason that you should not think for a second and order this Epson printer! Its rear tray has got a capacity of 50 sheets.

All speciality media remains compatible with it and this includes cardstock. Papers of all kinds of sizes, types and finishes get accommodated by this printing machine, how cool it is! Note that you can produce the cards and scrapbooks from 4 inches X 6 inches to the size range of 13 inches X 19 inches.

Thus printing cards will become lot more effortless now a day. You can get hold of this compact printer and let us know your views. It works far better than that of its predecessor. You will also get the firmware updates so that any of the issues linked with performance and security can be addressed right at the right time.

Alongside, these firmware updates will make sure to do the minor bug fixes. Thus, have this model for developing business cards and high-end postcards. With the help of it, you can produce excellent and mind blowing quality of playing cards and scrapbooking.


  • HD photo quality
  • Excellent border less prints
  • Ultra compact and wide format printer


  • You can only use it with Epson cartridges

4. Brother MFC-J895DW Wireless Inkjet Printer for Cardstock

The next suggestion that you can surely get your hands one and should not miss out trying is this Brother Wireless Inkjet Printer! No doubt, it has become the versatile and multi-purpose looking printing machine for producing business cards, postcards as well as scrapbooking.

You need to understand that if your current printer does not produce excellent prints on media type like cardstock, it means that is an outdated machine that you have been using. Replace it now and buy this Brother printer. Most importantly, it is simple to connect and shows the mobile printing operations. You can connect it wirelessly or use the local internet connection.

While using it with your mobile devices, you can make it connect with AirPrint and Google Cloud Print, and Wi Fi Direct option. No doubt, one of the generous printers has been selected for you. You can use it and get the desired experience that you have wished for since years and years.

In addition, it handles all kinds of printing papers. Both thick and thin media sheets can get accommodated and remain compatible with it. The paper tray capacity reaches up to 150-sheets and there is a bypass tray in it. Through this tray, you will be able to print on the card stock, photo papers as well as on the envelopes and other media paper speciality range.

The reviewed Brother printer even allows you use the legal sized and letter sized papers. Simply the affordable printing operations are offered by it, and it uses less ink and power at the same time. The option of 2-sided printing motivates the user save more and more paper. In adding, features like smart connectivity, excellent quality, versatile and range of connection options have made it one of the top-quality printers.

You can instantly make it connect with your smartphone, tablet and even with your laptop and desktop stations. If you are just a beginner and your business is about producing catchy looking wedding and business cards, in this concern, you should use such premium quality printers. It is claimed by the Brother brand that their compatibility with card stock and other printing papers works on the supreme notes.


  • Simple to connect
  • Cloud connectivity
  • Mobile printing option


  • The printing speed can be a bit slow

5. Canon TS9521C Photo Printer

Canon TS9521C Photo Printer has become the superlative and ultimate choice for making poster cards, wedding and business cards and even stuff linked with arts and crafts and range of scrapbooking. All of you might know that cardstock is one of the most important and popular crafting paper type and very few of the printing machines are compatible with such a media paper.

Among them, you can confidently have this Cardstock Canon printer that we have just reviewed for you. It helps you make magical and so much impressive looking scrapbooking and greeting cards. For embossing images and texts and stunning graphics on the handmade boxes, you should have this model.

Keep in mind that it comes with five Individual Inks. It meets the needs of your everyday art and craft projects and unleashes your creativity and imagination spark on the best note. No fading results are given out by it. No matter, your wedding or business card or your poster card gets old for years and years, its images and embossed texts will hardly get fade out and that is the unique selling point of it.

Moreover, you can connect it with any device; the choice is up to you. Like, if you want to transfer the print from mobile to Canon printer, you can do that. You can connect it with your tablet, memory card and also with your computer. It supports the booklet layout copy. With the help of it, you can do oversized scanning.

So, yes, one of the best and truly world class printers has arrived at your doorstep. You can have it for tasks linked with crafting, scrapbooking. Indeed, it is an All-in-One printer, carries out borderless printing. It shows great amount of compatibility with the greeting card stock.

Along with that, it helps you print all sorts of photos and completing your school projects related with arts and crafts has become a breezy job. The last catchy point that has made it a fabulous and versatile recommendation! It is that it carries a touch LCD screen that is of 4.3 inches. The screen and the whole printing machine system show intuitive controls and effortless, user-friendly interface.


  • 12’x12 inches of paper support
  • Oversized scanning
  • Auto Document Feeder


  • Its warm up time gets lengthy

6. HP OfficeJet Pro 6978 Cardstock Printer

You can plan out now and surely order this HP Inkjet Printer. It will not disappoint you. No matter, you want to infuse prints, texts and complex images on thin and thick printing papers, you can use this option. It has arrived to make your crafting related tasks a piece of cake. In addition, it helps you make dynamic and the most interesting looking greeting cards and scrapbooks.

In the printing world, the use of card stock has become pretty much common. That is why we have suggested you this sole and highly exclusive model. It is an all-in-one printer and marks to run on the colored inkjet operations. It turns on instantly and no hassle will be faced by you. Its speed reaches up to 20 ppm if you want to emboss black color text and graphics and the speed gets extended up to 11 ppm if you feel like embossing and inducting colored text and images.

The copy resolution range is 300 x 300 dpi and the print resolution range has now come out to be 1200 x 1200 dpi. We believe that you will not be able to spot such an outclass printer in anywhere else zone, so have this HP printer and try processing the use of cardstock in the right manner.

It comprises easy-to-use features and the HP Smart app operates and commences your everyday tasks in an easy breezy manner. Thus, if you want to get the machine that shows All-in-one functionality, simple set up process and ideal results quality, then blindly trust on the HP brand. It gives out the better range, faster speed of operations as well as reliable connections.

You will definitely see the element of outstanding quality in it. It does not matter whether your projects are related to producing massive numbers of wedding cards and poster, greeting cards, have this machine and produce the sharpest and highest quality text on them. You can see that the brand has kept the machine operations quite simple and user-friendly.

No technicality is seen in it and you can print your everyday documents in the fast and hassle-free manner. The induction of HP Thermal Inkjet technology, Duplex operations will surely convince you buy it.


  • Simple setup
  • High Copy resolution
  • Maximum Print resolution


  • Limited compatibility

7. Xerox Phaser Color Printer

Xerox Phaser Color Printer has won the hearts of lots of customers. You might be wondering why we have included the Xerox brand in our recommendation list, here you can check out that. It is the most popular and super ideal to use printing machine because it is compatible with extensive range of papers. If you use the card stock, then stunning results will be produced on it for sure.

Suppose, you are into the business of producing prints on the business cards and handmade boxes, then we suggest you have this printer. It shows the commanding and absolutely best of all performance. In addition, features like connectivity, convenience, secure and safe to use settings, excellent image quality are some of its amazing and highly distinguished qualities so far.

In a single minute, you can print around and about up to 30 pages. Moreover, you can do the two-sided printing as well. The paper capacity is up to 250 sheets. You should use the front Sided USB Port so that quicker and quality prints can be given to you. Hence, it is time that you get the powerful performance from your printing machine and it is only possible if you try using only the Xerox printer.

It helps and pushes you grow your business more and more. Alongside, it is assured by the brand that your documents and sensitive data will remain secure in it. The induction of security features like that of IPsec and SNMPv3 as well as IP Filtering have made it possible to ensure 100% security from the user side.

Note that the Xerox EA Toner comes with the smaller and minute in size toner particles. This way, you will get the finer details on the card stock in just the time frame of 8.8 seconds. To put cherry on the top, the solid color simulations are PANTONE Color-approved.

You will love its printing operations for sure because high-quality results are promised from the side of Xerox color correction system technology. Hence, it is only built for meeting your business needs. Place it on your desktop station and ensure productivity in each single minute. It pushes the user become the part of high-demand and most comfortable print environments.


  • Powerful performance
  • Lots of security features
  • Color correction technology


  • No money back guarantee

8. Lexmark C3224dw Laser Printer

Lexmark C3224dw Laser Printer possesses the greatest qualities in it. We have suggested you this printing machine for meeting your art and craft needs. Here at this spot, you can check out the unbiased and the most honest review on it. So, starting with, this one is a compact, powerful and colored laser printer.

It shows immense and wide range of compatibility with the card stock paper type. In addition, its set up process is simple and seamless to follow. It allows mobile support and you can do that by making it connecting with the Lexmark mobile app. Hence, it is the most secure printing machine that you can make use of.

The unique selling point is that it showcases the full-spectrum and premium security architecture and your sensitive data will remain safe and sound. You will not believe but this is true that it can print up to 24 pages and that too in a single minute! The presence of dual-core processor as well as 256 MB of memory makes it a versatile printer.

It officially allows two-sided printing. While developing the black and white prints and colored prints, it showcases the 4800 Color Quality, and also 600 x 600 dpi. This one is an environmental friendly printer that you can get for yourself. So, try this Lexmark brand and let us know your experience on it. It has been rated and graded EPEAT Silver.

Along with that, this respective suggestion has been energy Star Certified. If your current machine is not easy to set up and also easy to move, we advise you stop using it and try out such models only. It supports and backs network connectivity, saves paper, protect your network and guard your proprietary information.

It runs on the comprehensive approach and managed to maintain its engineering mandate as well. We think that you should now need to expand and grow your printing business portfolio. You have to start using some absolute high-quality printers and trying such recommendations will give you the supreme experience.


  • Wireless Setup
  • Two-sided printing
  • High Print resolution


  • Limited warranty

9. HP 8025e All-in-One Printer

Here we have this HP 8025e All-in-One Printer and the attractive part is that it is specifically meant and designed for cardstock printing papers. For small business units, homes and offices, it has become the suitable choice. Even more, it gives the professionally quality and smooth, sharp prints get embossed on the thickest papers that you have been using for your concerned task.

You can even print brochures, wedding and business cards, scrapbooks and greeting cards, forms and reports and all kinds of presentations with the help of it. Talking about the other features of HP 8025e, it does scanning and copying hassle-freely. It even performs two-sided printing, wireless and mobile printing upon providing none of the inconveniences.

Do not forget to use its HP+ system so that you can creatively think ahead and takes your print operations and processes on the highest professional scale. No doubt, it is the secure and more productive to use printer that you have to get.

Most importantly, on activating, HP+, you will experience other key and amazing features. The fast speed, high-quality and wide compatibility has made it an attractive suggestion so far. It can print up to 20 pages in a single minute. Moreover, it is compatible to be used with systems like Chrome OS and also HP Smart app.

If you want to use a printer that is Mopria Certified, then do try this one out. It ensures increased productivity, always keep on giving fast speeds as well as offer custom mobile shortcuts. The package includes the HP+ Smart Printing technological System at no additional cost.

Now, after looking at the unbiased review, readers might have become somewhat confident that this is the desirable printing machine for cardstock. Invest in this model and hopefully, you will give out and pen down positive and honest feedback on it.


  • Professional-quality color
  • 2-sided printing
  • More productive to use


  • It needs a lot of maintenance and care

10. Epson Expression XP-860 Cardstock Printer

Epson XP-860 Printer has arrived to win your hearts and bring a magic and satisfactory experience in your print related tasks. It is one of the top most choices for people who use cardstock and crafting papers.

The old printers do not possess key features in them and failed to accommodate thick papers like cardstock in their trays. That is why the launch of Epson XP-860 brought a smile on our faces. With its help, we have seen great improvement in our printing projects. Now producing greeting, wedding and cards have become simpler and hassle-free.

The package includes the Instruction booklets. You will also get the CD-ROM along with drivers as well as Power cord. Moreover, it is defined and marked to be the 3-in-1 printer. In other words, it professionally performs the operations of printing, copying and scanning.

Note that the ISO Print Speed for black text is 9.5 ISO ppm and for colored text, it is now 9 ISO ppm. We have mentioned a kind of printer to you that not only performs on the best notes, in fact, it looks sleek and stylish on your workstation as well.

These XP Series have gained so much love because all of their machines are wireless and stays in the all-in-one mode. In addition, you will get to enjoy the auto 2-sided print operations. For your home or office related tasks, we believe that is an appropriate model that you have to grab now.

The crafting papers are excessively used in the educational institutions. The demand of such printers is clearly seen over there. Rest, it has a 4.3″ color LCD, allows simple setup process and the most user-friendly navigation. You can try out the XP Series because it lets you wirelessly print from your iPad or iPhone, or smartphone.

Lastly, it has a space-saving design, includes the option of Wi-Fi Direct and allows you execute voice-activated printing too, this is so cool and impressive. Thus, get hold of this small size printer and share with us your views on it. It ideally shows great performance and best to be availed for home and office use.


  • Sleek and wireless all-in-one printer
  • It offers auto 2-sided printing
  • Color LCD


  • Late delivery

Buying Guide for Best Printer for Cardstock

You can have a look at the buying guide that will comprehensively guide you on how to choose the best printers for cardstock. Check out the details:

Exceptional and excellent printing detailing

You can have the model that shows the most exceptional and excellent printing detailing. The minimum color dpi that it should give is of 9600 x 2400. It should not give you any hassle while printing the spread sheets, brochures, flyers, greeting and business, wedding cards. Moreover, the latest models are already accompanied by creative and eye-catchy templates so that you can complete your art and craft projects in a super stunning and impressive style.

Quiet mode

It is recommended to have the printer that functions on the quiet mode. It is one of the considerate and highly important features that you should not be disregarding. In addition, the presence of quiet mode helps you use the printer anywhere and anytime without disturbing others.

Superior Resolution

You should hunt for the printer that gives 9600 x 2400 color dpi and end up giving you the incredible quality for your personal and professional art and craft needs. If it is packed with at least five Individual and premium Ink Tank System, then that is great. It is because of the high performance ink system, dye-based inks that you will always get the professional results on the cardstock.

A few of the printers’ uses the pigment-based kind of black ink of the sake of developing exceptionally crisp and sharp text. You can look for the same feature if you are thinking to get a new printer! Along with that, it should be able to print both of the web and document pages without any hassle with fast speed range of 14.5 images in a single minute.

FINE print head technological system

Individuals prefer having the printer that runs on the FINE print head technological system. With the use of this system, you will be able to transfer images and text on the range of cardstock and photo papers. This system makes sure to give you the beautiful and impressive borderless prints that will surely manage to last up to 200- 300 years.


So, what’s the bottom line? You can right now choose the best printer for cardstock from our reviewed picks as they have become the top choices and picks in 2022. They print, copy and scan wirelessly. Moreover, they give you the most effective printing solutions and that is no doubt the top most priority demanded by the 21st century professionals.

Our Top Choices are:

• Canon Pixma iX6820 Business Printer

• HP Pro 9015 Printer

• Epson XP-15000 Wide-Format Printer

So, if your currently used home and work printers are not working fine, replace them and try the above-mentioned choices. Their results are so much crisp and sharp. Developing greeting cards, business and wedding cards, any kind of poster, brochure and flyer or art and craft projects will not be a hassle for you. Stay tuned as more high-quality models are coming up. What other updates you want to have on this technological category, let us know your queries and any confusions and we will be happy to sort them out.