People using the computer or cricut hardware mostly complain about a very common issue known as cricut print then cut project. But one of the most important points before going further is to clear the difference between the Cut Only Project and the Print then Cut Project; otherwise, you can not get the proper insight about the Cricut Print then Cut Troubleshooting.

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The print then Cut in cricut Design Space helps make the realistic and eye-catching stickers and invitations to promote something like a business. The designers or the craftsmen use a ready-made pattern or create their design to use it later with a cricut machine, but sometimes the Print option does not work properly, which can be the reason for several issues. 

Let’s have a look at them!

Cricut Print then Cut Troubleshooting and Issues

For the Print then Cut projects, it is often happening with you that due to the several variables, the cricut Explore Machine can not work appropriately and does not Cut the sensor marks properly. You need to understand how a cricut printer works.

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1. Placement of the Material 

Make sure you have the best printer for cricut and it is in working condition. During printing, you have a cutting mat, so you must make sure that all the printable materials are placed at the top left corner of that mat, and the material should be placed smoothly on the mat; the cutting mat should also have a proper placement otherwise wrinkles in the material would interfere with the normal working of the cricut printer. 

2. Light 

Whenever you work on a computer with a cutting cricut machine to make customized stickers or any other invitation, then make sure there is no light directly falling on the cricut explore machine; otherwise, it would be a hurdle in the way of the machine’s sensor. 

3. Marked or Improperly Placed Cutting Mat 

The improperly placed cutting mat is a huge obstacle in the normal working of a cricut explore machine, so you must place it under the mat guides against the machine roller. If you want impressive results, make sure there is no mark or smudges on the cutting mat. 

4. Material to be Printed 

The cricut explores machine read the Cut sensor marks, but if the printable material has any mark or design, it is not detected by the machine and is not Cut ultimately. Moreover, prefer to use matte paper; otherwise, the glossy paper would interfere with the machine’s sensor. The cricut explores how the machine creates mistakes when smudges around the Cut sensor marks. 

5. Image Size 

The standard image size for the Print then Cut projects is 6.75″ × 9.25″; if your image size is not of the standard size, the sensor will not cut, so adjust the size and then repeat the process. 

cricut print then cut not working

6. Cut Sensor Light 

Use a watercolor paintbrush to clean the Cut sensor light. It can be done by wiping it gently. 

Here is a detailed guide if you want to learn to use cricut infusible ink.


Cricut Print then Cut projects are preferable to making attractive invitations for your business deals or stickers to promote any product. Still, people and even professionals always get issues with their projects. The upper illustrated article has explained all the reasons that cause troubleshooting. Say no to these reasons and avoid cricut Print then Cut troubleshooting. Have a look at our other post if you are looking for cricut print without cutting.