FlashForge is the manufacturing company which is popularly known for designing great quality of 3D printers or filaments within China. It’s a reliable company who has so far launched hundreds of printer models with advanced features. And among those models we have the perfect example of FlashForge Creator Pro.

FlashForge Creator Pro is the mid-range superior 3D printer for miniatures and multi-material printing which is in budget offering great features to have excellent printing results. It exhibits dual extruder which is its highest selling feature to talk about.

To make you know more about FlashForge Creator Pro, here we have an in-depth FlashForge Creator Pro review to see if this printer is worth to invest in or not.

About Flashforge Creator Pro

This latest model of 3D printer by Flashforge is yet steadily turning to be the main want of the 3D printing industry. Creator Pro has some fresh improvements with updates as compared to the old Creator models.

You will find this printer model to be the sturdy one which is available in the full-enclosed chamber for amazing multi-material printing.

Flashforge has even placed the Dual Extruder over the Creator Pro FFF printer. Heated build plate is also part of it within the enclosed environment. This will enable you to print two different materials at once.      

All the support structures are hence dissolvable due to the usage of dual extrusion printer. Thus it   allows you to print with some complicated designs even through single extruder.

flashforge creator pro 3d printer printing results
Printing Results

Key Specifications

Supported MaterialsABS, PLA or PVA
Build-up Volume22.5 x 14.5 x 15 cm
Dual Extruders2
Printing Speed 40-100 mm/s
Connectivity OptionsUSB, SD CARD
Printing chamberEnclosed
Size of nozzle0.4mm
Diameter of Filament1.75mm
Printer Best TypeFDM

Important Features of FlashForge Creator Pro

Before you invest your money in purchasing FlashForge Creator Prom, it is important to have an idea about what its main features are. So here we have a rundown list on few important features of FlashForge Creator Pro:

Dual Extruder

Having a dual extruder in a printer is not a big surprise at all. But it definitely brings a certain difference in giving a uniqueness and versatility to the entire printer. The specific dual extruder which is being used away in this printer is not the ordinary IDEX based systems. Right into this printer, the nozzles are capable of moving around independently over the x-axis from one another.

Unlike rest of the printers, this superior setup of dual extruder is making the use of two different aligned print heads. This will enable the print heads to move faster without any disturbance. But it would be challenging for some users to set-up the whole system. It might bring some issues in adjusting the inactive nozzles.

Another best thing about this printer is that it allows you to print with two different materials because two different nozzles are part of this machine. Printer is also supporting PVA in which you are free to get away from the support by just submerging its final part into the water.

Enclosed Printer Design

flashforge 3d printer creator pro review

Now let’s talk about the design of printer which is in enclosed shaping! This design is providing closable doors with one removable one. Closed chambers are responsible for maintaining the stable temperature. Plus, it even helps the user in printing intricate or difficult filaments including ABC with greater ease.

Apart from that, with an open design, users will be able to work best with certain printing materials including PLA. Users are free to remove off the top printer cover and let the doors stay open for the air circulation.

Heated Print Bed

When we highlight few important features of this printer, then how can we miss mentioning about heated print bed! This print bed feature is excellent to improve the printing results and achieving best through supported materials. In any 3D printer, inclusion of heated bed plays an important role.

FlashForge Creator Pro is available with the 6.3 mm thick print bed which is made from aluminum alloy. It is completely well-thought and is meant to provide superior thermal productivity. This would even help in providing any sort of deformation due to heat.

Also, don’t forget to clean your 3D printer bed after every print.

Metal Leveling System

This printer is not having auto bed leveling system. Instead it even allow for the three-point metal leveling system. For the beginners, it might be a bit challenging because they won’t be having too much freedom on the adjustments of filament. Plus, they won’t be able to count the level of accuracy achieved through this set-up.

Powerful design

Construction of this printer is made through metal frame which adds the printer with high stability and durable nature. Thus, it even contributes the printer to stay speedy. According to company claim, metal frame inclusion has often led all the creators to boost the speed of printing to almost 60%.

What is the cost of Flashforge Creator Pro?

The Creator Pro 3D printer can be purchased within $500 which is quite decent and affordable for any new beginner. Click on check price button below to see the real time price today.

FlashForge Creator Pro 3D Printer

Flashforge Creator Pro


  • Already pre-Assembled
  • Decent in printing results
  • Superior dual extruder
  • Offers a heated Bed
  • Reasonable


  • Lacks Auto Calibration
  • Little Noisy


To end with this discussion, FlashForge Creator Pro is known to be the great entry-level advanced 3D printer for printing miniatures. It is not just affordable but is capable enough in handling with few common filaments. You will also find with some customization features which add uniqueness in the final printing results.     

For the beginners, this 3D printer is the perfect choice because it is a lot easy to use. Apart from manual bed leveling and with the filament changes, there is also an access of comfortable time which the printer is handling.