If you’ve ever been puzzled by a Cricut printer and don’t know how to operate the print, then cut function on the Cricut, or if you would like some tips on what to use it for, then you’ve come to the right spot.

Today we’re getting into Cricut Design Space and learning everything there is to know about this remarkable product. It’s fantastic because it can work with either the Cricut Explore Air or the Cricut Maker. This is an extensive article with a lot of information about each step of How Does a Cricut Printer Work towards the bottom, so please keep up with me!

What is a Cricut Printer?

The Cricut machine is like a printer; you generate a picture or design on your system and transfer it to the device. Instead of printing your image, the Cricut machine cuts it from whatever material you wish!  Paper, vinyl, fabric, craft foam, sticker paper, faux leather, and more materials are used with a Cricut machine.

How does a Cricut Printer Work?

Simply put, the Cricut Printer works like a regular printer. Still, instead of printing stuff on just paper, it cuts out designs of anything that you feed into the computer in whatever material you want. Using the Cricut printer is not complicated; it just requires using the right tools. The cricut can even print out your design by drawing it using the Cricut pen, or it can even score or emboss your design.

Follow these basic and easy three steps on how to use a Cricut machine:

Step 1: Create the Design that You Want to Print

You can use Cricut Design Space, a free web software for your computer to make your design. This software links your computer to the Cricut machine.  This software library already has hundreds of pre-made designs; you may choose the project precisely as designed.

Alternatively, you can also use the software’s design tools to build a whole new product from zero. When creating your ideal design, you may use the following things: 

  • Text
  • Photos
  • Upload your images
  • Resize
  • Alter layouts

Step 2: Start the Machine

The next step is to prepare your device for printing your designs.  If this is your first experience of using a Cricut machine, the user manual will lead you through the process of how to connect your Cricut Explore Air with your device via Bluetooth.

However, after you’ve paired the machine with your device, all that is left to do is turn on the machine; even in the future, the engine will remember the connection and be set to use whenever!

Step 3: Send your Designs to the Machine

The final step is to send your design to the Cricut machine. Once you’re satisfied with your created design and your device is turned on, click the MAKE IT button to continue. Following is how the printing process works:

  1. The app begins by reviewing all your matting. Each mat is one piece of material, so you will have three separate mats if your project has three different colors.
  2. Define a set that you wish to cut; 12′′ x 12′′ is the standard size for most fabrics, but you can adjust it accordingly.

When you’ve made these changes, send the design to your Cricut, and click Continue.

  • Next is the process of putting in your materials and downloading them.
  • The machine goes from matt to matt; select the material for your first matt, and the device will adjust it automatically.
  • In this last step, adjust the dial for each item of your design, load your mats, cutting, sketching, scoring will happen automatically.

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Final Thoughts

A Cricut Printer is an innovative technology that provides you with prints but in 3D material forms. The design space software helps you build your image, print it, and cut it out using multiple materials. No more attempting to cut out those complicated designs you print with cutters. Your Cricut does the work for you, so you don’t have to worry about uneven edges or anything else!