Sublimation is a heating mechanism that depicts the direct conversion of a solid into the vapor state, which is commonly used to design any type of printed motive on a piece of fabric which is all done with the help of heat on your hardware. But people are mostly confused about how to do sublimation with cricut to knock out their new design.

The amazing truth is that it is pretty easy with the sublimation printers and a few other mandatory tools. Keep reading down this informational guide that will illustrate this easy process. Let’s move ahead without further delay!

What is a Cricut?

The cricut is a broad term, but when we specifically used it for the sublimation, which is used to design or print various images on any fabric, the cricut means a tool kit containing all the mandatory equipment required to process the method. It includes different patterns and designs which are cut to use for plenty of purposes, and it also contains the scissors and machine, etc.

To do sublimation with the cricut you must first know what the sublimation cricut is. No matter what type of design you want to get on a fabric, you can craft it with the help of the hardware or cricut on your computer screen, and you can even control the size and color scheme of the printed patterns. You can follow these crucial points to do sublimation with the cricut. 

How to Do Sublimation with Cricut?

Let’s have a look!

1. Craft the Design 

To get sublimation with the cricut, you have to test your creativity with the help of different cutting patterns. Moreover, this creativity demands more like particular dye equipment. An infusible ink is used with the cricut. The other essential tool is the sublimation printer, which is used for printing the designs on a fabric that could be polyester or cotton. An important point to notice here is that you should alter the heat range for different fabrics. 

how to make sublimation with cricut

 2. Heat Press 

Different heat presses are available in the market, mainly used in heat balancing to give a professional look to the design during the printing. 

3. Press Mug 

If you want to sublimate a pattern on a mug with the help of a cricut, then you can craft it easily with the cricut machines or a mug press. You can gift that mug to any of your friends with the desired design. 

4. Durable Results 

The most amazing thing about the cricut sublimation is that the results are professional, long-lasting, and highly durable. The colors will never fade away with water or can not even peel off.

Get cricut sublimation on a shirt or a mug and enjoy the most realistic designs!

Final Words 

Sublimation is a process that can be done with various kinds of patterns, either on a T-shirt or polyester or cotton or a mug of any size and shape. Cricut sublimation offers you the most realistic and vibrant look with the most long-lasting effects that never diminishes with water or UV rays. So what are you waiting for? Get one printer for yourself to do sublimation with the cricut.