You can only run a networked printer if you know its IP address. Indeed, knowing the printer IP address has become a must! It helps you resolve all kinds of technical issues that you might come across during your printing operations. Most importantly, it is a 12-digit ID number that you make connected to the internet or with a Chromebook device. The rest of the details can be checked out below.

Guide on How to Find Printer IP Address on Chromebook

It has become a common practice of connecting the Chromebook with the printer. But it will only work if you know the IP address. Setting up your printer with this device makes it a lot easier to print, copy and scan.

Step 1:

You need to look for your Chromebook’s printer settings. The process is similar and straightforward whether Samsung or Acer manufactures the Chromebook. If your Chrome OS is up-to-date, follow a similar process.

Step 2:

Access the Chrome menu, select settings, scroll/swipe and hit on the saying “Advanced Settings.” Go to “Printer Settings” and enter the IP address.

ip address on chrome os

Step 3:

To know the printer’s IP address, click on the “Home” button on the printer’s display. Choose the “Device”; hit on “About,” A screen will come in front of you. Read out the information, and there you will also spot the IP address of your printer. Enter those IP details into your Chromebook printer settings.

This is all; you can now take prints by issuing commands from the Chromebook.

Other Ways to Find Out the Printer IP Address

Below you can see more of the ways that help you look for the printer IP address:

Finding the IP address from the router

  1. Access the router’s setup menu. Log in by opening the web browser.
  2. Click ‘’enter’’; mention the details of your router username and password.
  3. Search for the DHCP Client Table under the Local Network section.
  4. The last step is to open up the client list and click on your printer to know about its IP address.

Finding the IP address from the network configuration page

  1. Go to Setup, click on the Reports Demo Page and access the configuration report.
  2. The report will tell you about the IP address.
  3. Printers that do not have a display screen generally give you the network configuration page.


Connecting the Chromebook with a networked printer always require an IP address. Thus, that is all about the comprehensive guide on finding the printer IP address on Chromebook. You can share with us which procedure you follow! Knowing these details is a must because an IP address supports you in resolving technical and any other minor printing issues. This will help you set up a TCP/IP port, and you can easily send printing tasks to the desired and correct device.