How about removing the printer ink from your hands using a glass cleaner, alcohol, baby oil, hair spray, tea tree oil, and nail polish remover! Yes, you can do that! Removing printer ink and toner stains have become quick to do.

How to Get Printer Ink Off Hands?

Below we have mentioned some of the easy hacks; follow them and make your hands stain-free from such a mess.

Rubbing alcohol on your hands

You can definitely rub alcohol on your hands if they have been messed up with the printer ink. It has come out as the most effective way to remove all kinds of stains, no matter how stubborn the ink or toner was! Please take a little amount of alcohol on your hands and rub it. Keep rubbing until and unless the ink is completely gone from your hands. Finally, wash your hands with soap and apply lotion later on.

Applying tea tree oil

According to experts, tea tree oil has been proven as a workable remedy. It helps you get rid of the printer off your hands. Take a few drops of it on a dry cloth and rub them on your hands. Scrub the stain till it is gone. Finally, rinse your hands with clean soapy water. You can repeat the process if the printer ink stain is still there on your hands.

Using Hairspray

using hairspray for removing ink off hands

If printer ink has made your hands messier and dirty-looking, you can make them look clean using a hairspray. Hairspray possesses utmost potential making your hands stain-free. Spray generously and let it sit on your stained hands for some time. As soon as the ink dissolves, you wash them with soap and water and apply lotion.

Applying Nail Polish Remover

No doubt, using a nail polish remover will make it a lot hassle-free to take off the printer ink from your hands. Take a dime-size amount, rub it and after that, rinse your hands. Its dissolves the ink or toner and make your hands stain-free.

Rubbing Window Cleaner

using glass cleaner for removing ink off hands

Spray window cleaner on the stain and then wipe it down using a paper towel. Finally, wash your hands and make them look clean right away! You can also rub a glass cleaner if the stubborn printer ink stains are not coming off your hands.

Applying baby oil

Baby oil breaks the molecules of printer ink. If your hands are jam-packed with lots of ink stains, apply baby oil and remove those stains as soon as possible. It is all because of its greasy texture that ink stains will be instantly removed whether they are present on your hands or piece of cloth.


Apply bleach, alcohol, window/glass cleaner, hair spray, tea tree oil, or baby oil when you see any printer ink stain on your hands. Thus, all the hacks mentioned earlier will definitely work for you. Stay tuned for more updates.