Getting the artwork printed is very hectic and costly also the whole process is very time-consuming. For the creators who love to paint and produce artwork, this is not ideal. Therefore, it would be better to print artwork at your home. This is not a common practice. Thus it might be a bit difficult for you. Now you might be wondering how to make art prints at home. Then below, we have provided all the step-by-step details that will guide you through the whole process to achieve the intended results.

How To Make Art Prints At Home

Below are the 6 steps you need to follow to make awesome art prints at home:

Step 1: Required Material Collection

A direct jump never works. You have to go from the initial steps to the higher ones. At the very initial stage, you should list the desired materials and procure them. A simple list is mentioned below:

  • A high-quality scanner
  • Printer
  • A photoshopping software such as Adobe photoshop
  • A paper perfect for your artwork

Procurement of the material should be done wisely. The scanner and printer must be of high quality to scan all the shades and print them accordingly. You might want to have a look at some top rated printers for art prints.

Here is a video that might be helpful if you are not sure about the type of art papers:

Step 2: Make The Artwork Ready

The scanning process for the artwork will only take place if the colors and your artwork is settled in the paper. A revision helps you remove the undesired material, such as eraser residue and unnecessary pencil marks.

Step 3: Scanning Of The Artwork 

Ensure that there is no dust on the scanner and clean it with a piece of cloth. Now connect the scanner with the computer and make sure that it is operational. Check if the colors have settled and dried or not. Now place your artwork on the scanner and scan it. Select the desired DPIs to get the scanned photos in the desired quality. Import the scanned picture on the drive.

Step 4: Perform Editing Procedure 

If you desire to enhance the effect of colors or bring any changes into the artwork, then now is a perfect time. Now you can use different photo editing softwares such as Adobe Photoshop to bring about the desired changes into the scanned image of your artwork. Recheck documents for any rough endings or smudges and correct them.

Step 5: A Test Print Always Works 

Once you are done scanning and editing, open the file in question and press enter on the print command for test purposes. The resulting print will offer you two results:

  • Now you will understand on the paper in a better manner whether your artwork is ready to be printed or if it needs some changing.
  • Whether your printer is up to the task to print your desired artwork or not.

Step 6: Go For The Final Print

If everything works accordingly, place the paper on which you want to print your desired artwork. Make sure that the paper is acid-free. It can be matte or gloss. Give the print command. Here you have been successful in printing artwork at your home.

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