If you are a craftsman or know creativity, you are surely involved in creating new designs and attractive patterns. These designs can be made on a shirt, mug, or anything. But sticker making is another art that not everyone knows, and stickers are trending nowadays to promote business with the lowest possible investment. For creating the stickers, the most common question that people ask is how to make waterproof stickers with cricut? 

People are curious to know how to make waterproof stickers because these stickers look more professional with vibrant colors and are resistant to water; that is why they never fade away like other stickers. Without further delay, let’s move ahead to know the procedure of making waterproof stickers with a cricut!

Method to Make Waterproof Stickers with Cricut 

You can make and cut the stickers easily manually. If you are not interested in doing this job manually, Cricut machines are the ultimate solution to create stickers with the most realistic look. And you must learn how to make waterproof stickers at home because it is a pretty simple process. 

And using a Cricut machine for this is a very nice idea if you are going to start a small business of stickers. The Cricut Explore Machine has a special option of Cricut Print then Cut, which makes the stickers. 

Let’s have a look at the easy steps of this method!

  1. First, you have to create or upload a ready-made design available online into the Cricut Design Space. 
  2. Use Vinyl paper to make the stickers because the vinyl paper is made of durable white material, known as PVC, and is long-lasting than the other papers. Stuff your printer with sticker paper
  3. Now, send the design you want to print to your printer and make sure that your selected design’s color, shape, and size are following your printer. 
  4. Now the printer has to work here, the printer will start printing with a registration box around the design or the selected pattern for the cricut to read. 
  5. The Cricut Explore Machine will start cutting the design to prepare it professionally. 
  6. Now the stickers are ready to use!

how to create waterproof stickers on cricut

What Type of Paper is Required for Making Waterproof Stickers?

If you want to make durable waterproof vinyl stickers, then white sticker paper is the most preferable. Avoid using any paper as it creates blurry sticker designs; try to use matte paper. Ensure that the paper you are using has an adhesive back, so never try to use regular paper. 

Final Words 

Waterproof stickers are the most demanding and preferable because they remain for longer periods without diminishing their effect. The stickers are the best and do not compromise the quality. You can make your stickers with the desired shape, color, and size by using the cricut. Hopefully, you have no confusion about how to make waterproof stickers with the cricut because the simplest method is illustrated above. Make vibrant stickers now!