Do you want to know about the process to print Amazon FBA shipping labels? If yes, go through the below-mentioned most straightforward guide. If you have officially registered for Amazon’s FBA program, you must follow specific rules and regulations while producing a shipping label. And if the label does not look up to the mark, there is a high likelihood that your order will get returned. So, have a look at this guide and see how the FBA labeling printing process is carried out:

Overview of the Amazon FBA Labels

FBA labels properly guide Amazon in terms of collecting, storing, distributing, and shipping products to their concerned fulfillment center. Moreover, FBA believes to be a large-scale and extended operation, and Amazon relies on its barcodes. These labels ensure that the customer gets the right product from his desired seller. If the labels do not abide by the shipping conditions, you might pay fines and witnessing delays.

Guide to print Amazon FBA shipping labels

We have mentioned the guide in a series number of steps. You can have a look at them:

  1. Open up the Amazon Seller Central tab. Enter the username and password details of your seller’s account.
  2. Hit the button ‘Inventory’ and choose ‘Manage FBA Inventory’. These options are present on the menu bar.
  3. Select the product which you want to appear on the label.
  4. Hit ‘Print item labels.’ And choose the details like quantity, size, and rest of the other label preferences. It remains recommended to keep the standard size, 40.
  5. Tap on the yellow button; it says ‘Print labels.’ Sooner, you will get a PDF file.
  6. You can further edit the file if you feel like doing so. Moreover, you can increase the size of the entire label.
  7. Access the print menu, choose the size orientation, and tap ‘Print.’
  8. That is all; your shipping label printer will start printing Amazon FBA shipping label.

Other things to keep in mind

  • You must use white paper.
  • In addition, it remains mandatory to use 100% non-reflective paper.
  • Print the bard codes by using black ink only.
  • Never use colored inks to print the barcodes because they might fade away in certain climatic conditions.
  • Stick the label with a removable adhesive.

What do Amazon FBA shipping labels contain?

Remember that you must not over-stuff or under-stuff the shipping label. Abide by the rules provided from the Amazon FBA side. Avoid printing any unnecessary information, and there are some essential things that your label must contain! For example, it should show an FNKSU barcode, correct product name, and actual product condition.


Thus, the whole process looks easy to print and produce Amazon FBA shipping labels. The guidelines and rules are simple, and you merely have to follow them each time you have to generate shipping labels. In case of further details, stay tuned and in touch with us.