It might be a bit challenging for some people to print the cardstock, and therefore, they are always looking for solutions on how to print on cardstock Canon printer. Printing on cardstocks gets complicated if you are not having the right printer model by your side.

As you are customizing the invitation cards, business cards, or greeting cards, it is important to research the printer model, which can handle different types of printing tasks.

For your assistance, here we have a guide to explain how you can print on a cardstock Canon printer by following four simple steps. Let’s have a look.

What is meant by Cardstock?

Defining the term cardstock, it is a thick paper used to create images, calendars, or business cards. We call this paper to be the cardstock one because it has a thick texture compared to any regular paper material! Use of cardstock paper is quite common for professional printing tasks due to its high thickness and durable nature.

Step by Step Guide on How to Print on Cardstock Canon Printer

Most people use Canon printers on regular printing paper. But you can use the Canon printer for printing over any paper. But there is a need to make adjustments and print the cardstock paper according to your requirements.

To print the cardstock Canon printer, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. First of all, you have to adjust the printer for holding the cardstock paper. You need to adjust your printer in a way that will enable the paper to hold itself in one place. Some of the Canon models are available with the manual level option located under the flat scanner. But some can adjust the thickness of paper on control paper or through the computer system.
  2. The second step is about setting the printer. You have to adjust the printer so it can get fitted with the size of cardstock. This option is already visible in the drop-down menu once you have selected the “print” option. Click “properties.” For adjusting the size of the paper, click the option “paper select.”
  3. Now you have to load the paper tray! You have to locate the cardstock papers into the paper tray. For instance, for printing the 3 by 5-inch cards, you need to make sure that the long side of the paper is placed vertically.
  4. It’s time to start printing! Press the option of “print” and click “OK.” There is also an option of “print” on Canon printers.

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs

1. Is it possible to use any printer for printing cardstock?

Well, not all models of printers are ideal for cardstock printing. Some printers are just designed for the standard papers, which are a bit different from the cardstock. You can read the reviews of cardstock printers.

2. Why is your printer jamming when you use any cardstock paper?

Cardstock is a form of thick paper, and it is not easy to make it bend through the printer. Regular printers cannot perform the cardstock printing, and still, if they do, they might produce a low quality work.

3. Is it possible to use any standard printer to print cardstock?

No, you should not be using any standard printer to print cardstock because they cannot perfectly handle thicker material.


Thus, to end this discussion, it is clear that printing the cardstock requires experience and selecting the right printer. You should make sure that you use the right paper side and perform all the steps accurately to get the desired results.