One major reason printing is getting hugely popular is that it is used for printing stickers at home or the office without any pain. But the question is how to print your own stickers at home. Usage of printed stickers is serving both for advertising and promotional purposes. Some modern printing houses offer different styles of stickers which are varied based on shapes, styles, and formats.

If you do not trust the quality of modern printing centers, then printing the stickers at home is the best option left for you. Let’s dive into a quick discussion about it and see how it is possible!

Step by Step Guide on How to Print Your Own Stickers

Step# 1: Prepare a special adhesive composition

The first step of this process is the preparation of the unique adhesive composition. For performing this step, you have to take a bag of gelatin along with 40lm of boiling water and one teaspoon of sugar. To bring originality to it, you have to add a few drops of aromatic extracts. Mix them all until it does not form the thick paste.

Step# 2: Cut the picture and paste it on a regular paper sheet

To create a sticker, you have to cut that picture you are about to print and place it on a regular paper sheet. Using the brush, you have to grease the entire back area of your sheet with prepared glue. Before you apply the sticker, the applied adhesive needs to be completely dry.

Step# 3: Use single or double-sided tape to stick the sticker

For making the stickers, you can use single or double-sided stickers. Cut the print and then make it stick over the tape in the first case. Make sure you do take care of the overlaps. Smooth out the piece of laminated drawing. For this step, you can also use a bank card.

Step# 4: Place the finished sticker in the warm water tank

Once the sticker is almost finished, you can make it place into the warm water tank. Let it stay in the tank for nearly 5 minutes. Please remove it from the tank and very carefully remove it off the top paper layer. This is how you will get the printed image in front of you on the sticky layer. Once it gets dry, you will have the sticker in front of you.

Important Tips to Follow

  • Make sure all the required tools and materials are by your side so you don’t skip a single step that can ruin your sticker’s beauty. When it comes to the tools selection, pay attention to the blade. It should be sharper. If not, then there is a possibility that the edges of the stickers will be uneven, or they might fail to stick properly.
  • Secondly, for making stickers, you should have parchment, wide tape, glue, and vinyl. For the adhesive tape, consider something which is in long width. Plus, it should also match with the label format.
  • You cannot perform the printing accurately if you are not using warm water. Arrange a bowl of water by your side to let the sticker achieve the perfection you wish out for.


There is nothing wrong with experimenting all the time. If you want to be the pro expert in stickers printing, your practice should always start from the home. Be creative and be innovative when it comes to the selection of printers for stickers printing and show a bit of patience to get the desired results.

Are you ready to do sticker printing at home? Do lets us know in the comments section.