Let us not waste any more time and check out the guide on removing jammed paper from HP printers. Utmost care should be needed while removing stuck paper from your printer. As a golden rule of thumb, avoid clearing that trapped paper from the front side. In addition, avoid pulling the printing sheets. If you do so, the printer machine will experience severe mechanical damage.

Guide to Remove Jammed Printing Paper from The Input Tray

  1. Access the paper tray and remove all loose papers from there.
  2. Click on the resume button and proceed with your printing job.
  3. If the issue is still there, then there is a chance that more than one sheet is stuck.
  4. Remove one paper at a time from the input tray. Hold the sheet with your hands and slowly take it out. And gently pull the paper towards you, and you are done! Avoid putting a lot of pressure while removing the sheet.
  5. Once you are done, double-check whether there are still any scraps of paper.

Guide to remove stuck printing sheet from the rear side of the machine

remove stuck printing sheet from the rear side of printer
  1. If you fail to access the input tray, you can remove the jammed sheets by accessing the rear side of the machine.
  2. Just clear the paper from the printer’s backside, and that is all!
  3. Reach to the rear access door and gently pull out the sheets that got stuck or trapped over there.

Guide on removing jammed printing paper from the duplexer

  1. You can also get rid of the trapped printing sheets by pulling them out from the duplexer.
  2. Access the duplexer and remove all jammed papers from there.
  3. Hit on the release buttons of the module and make sure to remove them.
  4. After taking out the stuck sheets, push the module back and secure it firmly into place.

Clearing stuck and jammed papers from the output tray

  1. Access the output tray area and pull out jammed printing papers.
  2. Slowly pull out the sheets and avoid damaging any mechanical part of your printing machine.
  3. Besides, avoid lifting the front covers; the printer functioning will get affected on doing so.
  4. After removing all stuck sheets from the output tray, close it.


So, whenever you encounter the problem of having jammed papers into your HP printer, you can follow the guide as mentioned earlier. And if the issue still exists, you can service your printing machine by taking it to some expert. Get in touch with HP customer support and ask for this service.

We know that stuck printing sheets are so much messier to pull out if one does not know the correct procedure of taking them out. We are hopeful that this guide has educated you comprehensively. Stay tuned.