Qidi Tech 3d printer is an Intelligent and Industrial Grade 3D Printer that you can try out. It delivers high precision results and comes with a newly developed extruder. These two sets of Third Generation and premium Extruder Assembly shows different capabilities. Besides, with the help of extruder A, you can print on materials like PLA, ABS and TPU. On the other hand, the usage of extruder B assists you transfer prints on materials including Nylon and Carbon Fiber.

It even shows potential to print remarkably and perfectly on advanced materials that demand enclosed and constant temperature settings. So, it is time to get more stable as well as solid size printing results. It is only possible if you get the Qidi tech 3d printer. Rets, the innovative design and premium operations make it one of the finest choices. And the double z-axis kind of motor structure and the imported 10MM axis gives desired results every time.

Qidi Tech 3d Printer Review

The injection of QIDI technology makes it a reliable printer model indeed. It focuses on giving high-quality and absolutely high-performance results. The brand possesses seven years of experience and till now gathered extensive positive reviews from the audience. Their X series are generally packed with a range of 3D printers, and among them, we have a Qidi tech 3d printer.

It remains featured with the most efficient and modern design. Set up it in your office and home and transfer as many prints as possible in the most quality and premium manner. Besides, it ensures higher configuration, quiet operations, Wi-Fi connectivity and one-button quick levelling. You can print on all advanced materials like carbon fibre, PC and nylon and shows compatibility with brands up to 1.75mm filament.

Thus, for jobs like rapid prototyping and architectural scale modelling, try this option and improve your printing performance. It helps you smoothly make 3D printed prosthetics and all kinds of movie props. Moreover, it has become a suitable pick for project-based designer learning, hobbyists and home users.

Key Specifications

Technical Specifications

  • Item weight

    23 Kilograms
  • O/S compatibility

    Windows & mac
  • Software

    Slicer software version 5.6.4
  • Interface

    Redesigned UI interface
  • Design

  • Driver

    Double Z-axis driver
  • Warranty

    One-year warranty
  • Compatible material

    Thermoplastic Polyurethane and Carbon Fiber


You can check out the Qidi tech 3d printer features to know in detail each aspect of it. The catchy part is that it prints on a range of materials. Like, you can transfer prints on materials Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene and Polycarbonate. It has made it possible to inject prints on fabric ranging from Thermoplastic Polyurethane and Carbon Fiber to Polylactic Acid and Nylon. The rest of the details are below-mentioned:

4.3-inch Touchscreen

The brand has infused the printer with 4.3- inch touch screen. It has a large display and comprises a user-friendly interface. The touchscreen display will constantly instruct you on which settings you have been operating it. Moreover, the screen looks more intuitive, precise and also easier to use.

Removable Curved Metal Plate

Elements like a curved metal plate and movable extraction have made the device more reliable to use. The front side of the plate can be used for printing on regular filaments, including PLA, ABS, and TPU, PETG. On the other hand, the reverse side of the plate can be utilized to print on advanced materials like Nylon, Carbon Fiber. Extruder A withstands maximum temperature up to 250C, and extruder B maximum temperature withstanding ranges up to 300C.

Redesigned UI interface

We hope that such a 3D printer will meet the latest printing criterion as it comes with the Latest slicer software version and Redesigned UI interface. All in all, the model looks more competent, professional and more convenient to operate. No doubt, it has improved the print quality and speed. In addition, the QIDI software remains compatible with a range of QIDI printers. The software is free and a lifetime to use.

Double Z-axis driver

The presence of a double Z-axis driver guarantees to make the printing operations more stable. You will get excellent transfer quality no matter how complex the design is! Besides, the latest technology present in it endorses and promises to print the large models with perfection. Unquestionably, you will love using this higher configuration 3D printer. So, do you want to buy it? Yes, you should go ahead and let us know your reviews and feedback.

Top Pick
R QIDI X-Max Tech 3d Printer


  • Redesigned UI interface
  • Convenient to operate
  • Precise printing quality


  • A bit difficult to use for beginners


Is QIDI a reliable 3D printer?

Yes, Qidi tech is a reliable and great-quality 3d printer. It shows the quality of excellent craftsmanship and remains packed with the most intelligent design. Hence, it offers overall versatility and is infused with a dual extruder setup process for delivering premium printing configuration.

What can a 3D printer create?

3D printers create all sorts of product models, a range of 3D prototypes, shoe designs, wax castings. You can transfer and emboss extensive types of prints on all fabric types and materials.

How much 3D printer cost?

The entry-level individuals should invest in 3D printers ranging in between $100 to $500, or you can go with the expensive option starting at the price tag of $1500. We have seen that the higher-end 3D printers remain priced from $1,500 to $20,000.

Final Thought

That is all information we have covered for you in this Qidi tech 3d printer review. The presence of the latest and premium dual extrusion technology has brought this model in the leading position. You can have it for education purposes, engineering-related tasks. In addition, the upgraded 4.3-inch touch screen, easier operations and mute printing have made it a good pick. It includes upgraded parts, mechanical structure and promises to offer more stable results. You can keep tuned with us as more information is coming sooner. Here is our useful guide on cleaning 3D printer bed.