The chances of problems become even double during the personalization techniques because these techniques demand experience and a lot of practice. And it is a fact that when you use equipment, things always get messy that can be fixed with technical support, and the same is the case with doing sublimation printing. For this, you should enlist all the causes that are the reason for troubleshooting. If you are curious about the sublimation printing problems and solutions, read ahead!

Sublimation Printing Problems and Solutions

sublimation printing issues

Problem: 01

Blurry Images

When we iron the printed paper, then the thermal adhesive tape will become attached to the paper, but this moving will create a blurry image. 


You can avoid this trouble by keeping the contact of the printed image with the sublimable surface. To secure this connection, the thermal adhesive tape will be used. Avoid using the masking tape because it reduces the overall image quality or if you want to use the masking tape, then try to use the minimum amount.

The Teflon sheet is also a cause of blurry images, so you can use a protective sheet to prevent the base of the iron and the upper surface. 

Problem: 02 


Due to the interrupted ink or the missing link, you will get a misprint line on the printed paper known as banding. This happens because of the drying out of ink that occurs inside the head. This interruption is the cause of the irregular flow of work because when you do not regularly work, the ink will start blocking in the head, and hence the banding occurs. 


To avoid this problem, you can use the head cleaning function of the sublimation printer to maintain the flow of ink, and doing this cleaning regularly can save you from this trouble. Moreover, the banding may also cause no ink, so always check the ink in the printer. 

Problem: 03

Ironing Marks 

Sublimation is usually done to design the patterns on the fabrics, and it is a common problem in this method that you will see is the permanent marks when ironed due to the sublimation paper. These marks are either permanent or temporary. 


The convenient solution to this problem is to tear the edges of the sublimation paper. You can use an alternative by experimenting with less time, less temperature, or less pressure and notice the most appropriate solution to use it again. 

Problem: 04 


Humidity is another problem that is an interruption in the way of sublimation printing because it causes less durable printing of the designs on the T-shirts especially. 


You can pre-iron the T-shirt to remove all the moisture, or you can place the sublimation paper in a dry container or can store it in a dry place. 


There are several problems in the sublimation printing technique because it uses different equips like injectors and printers etc. that is why it demands proper care; otherwise, a single issue from all the upper illustrated problems may block the whole process. Now you have very well aware of the problems of sublimation printing and their solutions as well. Do it with care!